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19 Sep 2009

Kevin Kolb

I know I'm crazy. Kevin Kolb hasn't showed anything in the small amount of playtime he's had. But... he's had a full week to take the first team snps and is playing against New Orleans porous defense. Surely, he's a decent play, right? Or am I just a deluded Eagles homer who's looking for a win this week?

I crazily picked him up in both my leagues where QBs score well (6 points/passing TD for both, 1/25 in #1, 1/20 in #2). But my QB in league 1 is Roethlisberger (vs. Chicago) and in league 2 is Rivers (vs. Baltimore) so both bad matchups. Is there any reason I should bench either of them for Kolb?

Meanwhile, after losing in both leagues last week I need some help with my decisions. The ones I'm leaning toward are in bold.:

League 1, no PPR

RB: Steven Jackson, Michael Bush, Steve Slaton, Jerious Norwood, Felix Jones
WR: Vincent Jackson, Nate Burleson, Michael Clayton, Marques Colston(!) (I really have no idea with my WRs this week - Jackson and Colston have bad mathcups and Burleson and Clayton have good ones)

League 2, PPR, return yards are 1/50 yards
RB: Frank Gore, Brandon Jacobs, Julius Jones, Knowson Moreno, James Davis (Any of my bench could really explode this week, but I'm tempted to go with my big names.)
WR: Vincent Jackson, Michael Clayton, Donnie Avery, Mario Manningham, Davone Bess (and a whole lot of junk on the waiver wire like Laurent Robinson, Antwaan Randle El, Nate Washington, and Pierre Garcon. Yeah, I've got some junk here. I'm probably going to trade Julius Jones for Ted Ginn.)

Posted by: Red Hedgehog on 19 Sep 2009

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No Kolb
by Snowglare :: Sat, 09/19/2009 - 7:10am

I'd only start Kolb in a 2 QB league, or a team where you had McNabb starting and, say, Delhomme backing him up. Rivers and Roethlisberger are too good to bench without a great alternative. Kolb's more likely to be a disaster than mediocre, let alone great.

I'd play Slaton over Bush. I tend not to trust backup RBs with good matchups, and I don't think Slaton's too bad off this week. Of course, I started Slaton last week and it was part of why I lost... Burleson isn't playing the Rams anymore, so he isn't likely to do much. I'd stick with Colston and V-Jax.

Definitely go with Gore and Jacobs. Julius is a decent play this week as a Flex or RB2 on shallow teams. Moreno and Davis are still officially backups, so starting either is a big risk. I like Bess over Clayton in PPR. Not sure what to think of Manningham yet. Is Ginn the best you can get for Julius? Not much of a sell high. Bess might have more consistent value, though Ginn does have higher upside.

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