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07 Sep 2010

Kevin Kolb and... Kyle Orton?

QB settings: 1 pt/20 yards, 6 pt/TD, -3 pt/INT, 10 pt/300 yards.

Hear me out. It's Kolb's first game as "the guy" (much more pressure than filling in for a McNabb injury like he did for two starts last year) and he faces the Packers defense. Orton meanwhile faces the atrocious Jaguars secondary.

I have Kolb in the starting lineup right now, but I keep wondering if I should start Orton. I'm among fantasy football's WORST players when it comes to start'em/sit'em decisions, so I'd appreciate some help on this one (and probably many in the future).

Oh and I guess while I'm here...

1 pt/10 yards, 10 pt/100 yards.

Devin Hester vs Lions or Jerome Harrison vs Bucs? I feel like Harrison is the safer choice, but Hester could have a few big catches that would put him over 100 yards. My assessment is that Hester is more likely to break 100 and get the bonus (but also more likely to put up very little), while Harrison is more likely to put up solid numbers and possibly a TD (but less likely to actually break 100 and get the bonus).

Thoughts? Thanks!

Posted by: Key19 on 07 Sep 2010

1 reply , Last at 07 Sep 2010, 3:09pm by fantasy1123

Re: Kevin Kolb and... Kyle Orton?
by fantasy1123 :: Tue, 09/07/2010 - 3:09pm

Orton has looked good in the preseason and I follow your logic. Not sure how healthy Moreno's hammy is yet and therefore, Orton may have to pass more early in the season. On the other hand, GB and Philly will probably be a shootout with Philly passing a lot to stay in the game. Kolb has the potential for a big day if he can stay upright behind that OL which has been shaky thus far. The Eagles always look terrible in preseason because Reed holds a lot back not wanting to tip his hand. Regardless, Philly will air it out, rain or shine.

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