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17 Sep 2010

Kyle Orton and Mark Clayton/Darren McFadden

Hello all,

Here's the deal: a guy in my league wants Kyle Orton. I have him, Kolb, Vick, and Roethlisberger. He has McNabb and Jason Campbell, and is really worried about both after Week 1. He said he'd have a tough time parting with McFadden but he could probably do Orton for Mark Clayton. Here's what I have:

RB Mendenhall
RB Forte
RB J. Harrison
WR Jennings
WR S. Smith (NYG)
WR Hester
WR Roy Williams
WR Houshmandzadeh
WR V. Jackson

I'm worried about Harrison's touches and my WR position makes me nervous overall. My league is PPR and rewards 100 yard performances with bonus points. Should I hold out for McFadden and completely solidify my RB position, or should I just trade for Clayton and hope he'll keep playing like he did Week 1? I'm not sure to believe in him after one game where Bradford threw over 50 passes. Or should I just keep Orton as a great backup? Once Ben comes back, he might be useless to me though, so I feel like I should get what I can for him now while the guy wants him. If he won't do Orton for McFadden straight up, should I throw in Housh/V Jackson? I am really down on both, but am still holding out hope that Jackson will play this season.

What would you do? Thanks!

Posted by: Key19 on 17 Sep 2010

1 reply , Last at 17 Sep 2010, 4:29pm by Fontes of Wayne

Re: Kyle Orton and Mark Clayton/Darren McFadden
by Fontes of Wayne :: Fri, 09/17/2010 - 4:29pm

I'd definitely try throwing in Housh or VJax to get McFadden. You're covered at QB, so holding another backup doesn't do you any good. If he doesn't go for it, Orton for Clayton leaves you with a *lot* of WR, so I'd hate to tell you to sell low, but maybe you can move another backup for a lottery ticket RB (e.g., Kareem Huggins).

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