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20 Aug 2013

live updating auction values

I haven't figured out where to enter what a player went for in auction so that it updates every other players value? Am i just missing it somewhere,

Also, is there a way to hide players that were drafted but not have other players values change?


Posted by: ian.godsey on 20 Aug 2013

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Re: live updating auction values
by alien1rock :: Tue, 08/20/2013 - 3:09pm

Column H. "Picked". Just enter the value there

Re: live updating auction values
by mossman414 :: Thu, 08/22/2013 - 4:54pm

In a related question, is there any way to specify that a player was picked by me, in addition to noting the price? Can KUBIAK adjust the prices during the draft based on the positions you have filled?

I.e., after I've bought 2 RB's in a 2 RB-starting league, the value of RB's will go down, and the value of non-filled positions is at a premium.

Re: live updating auction values
by bird jam :: Mon, 08/26/2013 - 1:22pm

No, KUBIAK can't do that yet.

Re: live updating auction values
by Sifter :: Tue, 08/20/2013 - 9:51pm

And for the 2nd part of your question, even after you enter the value in column H, the "Auction Value" column doesn't change ie. it's only the "Current Auction Value" column that changes - so you can see both values at a glance. It doesn't automatically hide players who've been picked, but I guess you could fill in that players row with a really dark fill to make them disappear.

Re: live updating auction values
by alien1rock :: Wed, 08/21/2013 - 11:04am

You can use a filter on the "picked" column (i.e. the little arrow on the column heading). Just set it to filter on "blank" cells or whatever. It may not automatically hide them each time you enter a new "picked" value, but you can just refresh the filter easily.

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