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16 Jan 2012

Looking for distribution of KOR yardage

I'm looking for the distribution of kick off return yards, NFL-wide, like standard deviation or some similar stat.

Does anyone know if this info is available anywhere?


Posted by: SimSportPlyr on 16 Jan 2012

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Re: Looking for distribution of KOR yardage
by AndreaMelendez :: Sun, 05/27/2012 - 10:20pm

Shula was a bad offensive coordinator with the Cowboys in the early '90s; a failed head coach with the Bengals from 1992-96; and, as a rookie out of Dartmouth in '81, an excruciatingly slow kick returner. Boasting 5.0 speed, Shula averaged five yards on 10 punt returns and 16 yards on five kickoff returns.
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