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21 Nov 2012

Loss-aversion and trades

I'd spent the entire year trying to trade away Ben Tate and Larry Fitzgerald (or Tate and Welker) in a PPR league to the owner of Arian Foster in exchange for Reggie Wayne. It was even at a point once where I was offering him Tate, Fitzgerald, and Hernandez in exchange for Wayne (Week 9 I believe). Didn't budge.

So far, it looks like this guy was right to reject that deal, and that's fine. Maybe he's a super-prescient fantasy football player, but I doubt that.

I don't think that's why he rejected it, because I was making these sorts of offers since Week 2 of the league. I think he rejected it because he's loss averse.

I've noticed that the only people in my league who haven't conducted any trades are also the people who don't drop their kicker in the kicker's bye week. I don't think this a coincidence. These people are so afraid of dropping their kicker that they've become attached to, that they keep him on their rosters. They're terrified that someone else is going to pick him up and ride him to a league championship, I suppose.

This particular guy wouldn't even propose counter-offers.

It's not a bullet-proof hypothesis, but maybe it's something to keep in mind in the future. It seems like these people aren't worth the trouble.


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