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21 Sep 2010

McFadden for Deangelo Williams?

I own Mcfadden, and with bush coming back, I think he will get caught in a timeshare, but with the Lions share of carries. D. Williams is in the same situation, but is a higher caliber player...do I make this trade?

Posted by: Copenhagen Bear on 21 Sep 2010

3 replies , Last at 22 Sep 2010, 2:28pm by Copenhagen Bear

Re: McFadden for Deangelo Williams?
by tally :: Tue, 09/21/2010 - 11:32pm

Deangelo is in a timeshare with Stewart, though, so it's not exactly an upgraded situation. I think it's pretty even--both bad teams, possibly 60/40 timeshares--but McFadden has more value right now, so I think you should try to get more than Deangelo.

Re: McFadden for Deangelo Williams?
by Arjen.Robben :: Wed, 09/22/2010 - 1:43am

Very tough call. Williams is a special talent, no question about it... but then again, have you seen McFadden's speed score? It's elite (around 120 if I remember correctly). He's pretty special, too.

McFadden has shown he can put up numbers when he's the guy. I don't think Bush's # of carries affects him as much as Stewart's affect DeAngelo. I say hold McFadden unless you really don't like him.

Re: McFadden for Deangelo Williams?
by Copenhagen Bear :: Wed, 09/22/2010 - 2:28pm

Thanks for the comments guys. I think your speedscore reminder convinced me robben, I'm hanging on to Run DMC for now;-)

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