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02 Sep 2012


Have an auction draft this afternoon. On the latest Kubiak, it has MJD as the 12th RB, with a note saying "hold out with no end in sight." Now that he's back, how does this change his ranking in the RB position?


Posted by: combust17 on 02 Sep 2012

2 replies , Last at 02 Sep 2012, 2:16pm by nibiyabi

by nibiyabi :: Sun, 09/02/2012 - 2:13pm

Obviously one of the FO staff would be better-suited to answer, but in case you run out of time, here is the breakdown. MJD's risk level was worsened twice, both due to the holdout. His actual projected stats were also reduced twice due to the prolonged nature of the holdout. Personally, I would bump his risk back to what it was originally, but leave the reduced stats where they are due to rust, possibility of giving a couple starts to Rashad Jennings, etc.

by nibiyabi :: Sun, 09/02/2012 - 2:16pm

Actually, I just tried it and my gut tells me it might be better to only improve his risk rating by 1 level.

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