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29 Aug 2009

MJD back up

I got the #2 pick in a PPR 14 team league (draft tomorrow). I'm 95% certain that Peterson will go #1, so I've started locking myself into MJD. Being a PPR league with so many teams, backup or handcuffs RBs, are going to be big. RBs that back up old, often injured, or top round running backs present great value for anyone that drafts them. Players like: Betts, Charles, Sproles, Leon Washington, Chester Taylor, J Stewart, L McCoy, whoever it is in CLE, etc.

So I want to target a few of those guys to fill out my bench spots and hope to get lucky. I also want to make sure I can secure MJDs backup with one of my last few picks. Who is it? KUBIAK thinks it's Chauncey Washington, and he's got most of the preseason carries, along with Josh Vaughn. If MJD goes down, will Greg Jones be the most valuable fantasy backup because then he'll get all the goaline carries? I'm beginning to think that's it's not going to be valuable to handcuff MJD this year, even in a 14 team league.

Posted by: hokieneer on 29 Aug 2009

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Re: MJD back up
by Dan :: Sat, 08/29/2009 - 3:51pm

I'd pass on handcuffing him. It's still a 3-way race between Jennings, Jones, and Washington, and if MJD goes down then there's a good shot of a committee with none of them being that valuable. If I had to take one it would probably be Rashad Jennings, but I'd rather use a late pick on someone like Charles, Davis, Scott, etc.

Re: MJD back up
by socctty :: Wed, 09/02/2009 - 8:24pm

It's Jennings. Texans fans were irate that Kubiak didn't draft Jennings. He's going to be the next Jerious Norwood.

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