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16 Oct 2009

Moreno for Jennings

Should I trade Moreno for Jennings? I have Jones-Drew, Tomlinson, and Thomas Jones at RB and Braylon and Bryant at WR. I think this deal would give me more balance at RB and WR, but is it a good deal in general?

Posted by: dukesb1 on 16 Oct 2009

1 reply , Last at 17 Oct 2009, 5:51am by Snowglare

by Snowglare :: Sat, 10/17/2009 - 5:51am

I'd do it. You can't depend on Edwards or Bryant (or LDT or Jones, but hey...). I like Moreno and generally favor RB depth over WR depth, but I think you gain more than you lose.

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