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06 Oct 2009

Moreno for Phl D

Moreno for Phl D, fair trade? Or is Moreno for Garrard better? I need to trade for either a Def or a QB, I can PU the other by dropping Hixon.

Posted by: Raine05 on 06 Oct 2009

3 replies , Last at 07 Oct 2009, 6:10am by Snowglare

None of the above
by Snowglare :: Tue, 10/06/2009 - 9:42pm

You don't have anyone worse than Moreno? I'd rather have him than either of those.

Of the two, I'd sooner trade for Garrard, as I imagine there are better options at D on the waiver wire than at QB, and that'll continue throughout the season.

Re: None of the above
by Raine05 :: Tue, 10/06/2009 - 10:50pm

I have MJD, RBrown, J.Jones and Sproles. I am keeping MJD and Brown, I also like Sproles (especially if LT misses more time). I feel like I have some room at RB to work with. I also have Rivers, who I will play every game (except bye this week). So, my need is to grab a QB to get by this week (I have someone in mind already, and I will drop Hixon, who is still hurt). Instead of dropping a RB, I need to also PU a Def, mine is Chc on bye, I figure let me at least trade for a good def. Phl is ranked high (according to DAVE) and I think have some weak offensive teams coming up. He probably won't take Sproles, maybe I can offer Jones, but isn't Moreno splitting time with Buckhalter?

by Snowglare :: Wed, 10/07/2009 - 6:10am

He is, but Moreno's averaging 15 carries a game, and the oft-injured Buckhalter (9.25 carries per game) has an ankle sprain that could keep him out a week or two.

Moreno's not a solid lock for production, but I like him more than Julius, who's inconsistent, has a poor track record, and despite being his team's feature back is only getting 14.25 carries a game. If Seattle had anyone to threaten him, he'd be virtually worthless. For now, he has value as an RB3. Arguably more than Moreno, but I doubt it.

I could maybe see trading one of those three for Garrard, though one week won't make much difference and you're more likely to lose one or more of your RBs to injury than Rivers.

Fantasy defenses are too fungible to use resources to acquire them. Look at how bad the Steelers have been, how hugely teams like Denver and Miami can capitalize on a matchup, and how teams like the 49ers and Saints can come out of nowhere to top the rankings. You could do worse than the Eagles, but how much worse? Will they outplay the Bears and other available Ds by that much? Will anyone as good as Moreno, Jones, or Sproles be left languishing in free agency until you need him? You're already down to Brown and Sproles in Week 7, assuming you don't acquire another back worth using.

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