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11 Sep 2009

My Final Rate My Team

So I drafted my last money league team for the season on Wednesday. I had 3rd pick in a 10 team league. Standard Yahoo! scoring, no PPR.

(3) Maurice Jones-Drew
(18) Andre Johnson
(23) Steve Slaton
(38) Vincent Jackson
(43) Ryan Grant
(58) Pierre Thomas
(63) Jay Cutler
(78) Darren McFadden
(83) Jerricho Cotchery
(98) Chris Cooley
(103) Domenik Hixon
(118) Derrick Mason
(123) New York Jets
(138) John Carney

Overall I'm happy with this team and my depth at RB in particular. However, I think it could be better considering how the draft went. There were several folks who hadn't played much, if any fantasy football. Turner fell to the 8th pick and wound up on the same team as DeAngelo. One guy picked Colston and thought he was a RB. I'm weak at QB because it was hard for me to take any when I saw value at the other positions. Feedback/suggestions welcome.

Posted by: Ten Drink Drunk on 11 Sep 2009

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Re: My Final Rate My Team
by tally :: Sat, 09/12/2009 - 4:04am

Wow. Your draft started similar to mine. I picked 2nd and managed to nab MJD, Rivers, and AJohnson with my first three picks and but didn't get a whole lot of depth (Ronnie Brown and Gates were the only other notables). You got nice depth with Slaton, VJax, Grant, and Thomas basically in place of my getting Rivers and Gates.

Of course, my league was 6PPTD passing while yours is 4PPTD, so you might be just fine. I might try to swing a trade with Cutler and Grant or Thomas in return for a top line QB. Other owners may value Cutler more highly than does KUBIAK.

Re: My Final Rate My Team
by MP (not verified) :: Sat, 07/31/2010 - 3:54pm

I think you just lost your $$!! Just messing around man. MJD is, well MJD, and Andre Johnson at 18th is a steal IMHO. While I like Slaton, seems waaaay to early to have picked him. Same with V. Jackson, who last I heard will be part of a prolonged holdout. You would have been better served w/ a stronger QB in the 3rd or 4th and probably could have still gotten Slaton. Cutler might still produce for you however, but their OL still isn't that great. That and Cutler is feast or famine. He might win you a couple weeks, but he'll probably lose you a couple too. McFadden is somewhat of an enigma. Hopefully he can stay healthy. Cooley might have a good season...I actually like Fred Davis as a sleeper TE more than Cooley, but it depends on who McNabb gels better with. Overall, not too bad, but I tend towards high upside guys more, especially in later rounds. Think Malcolm Floyd or Devin Thomas more than Cotchery types. Of course it all depends on how the rest of your league drafted as well. Best of luck!

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