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04 Oct 2010

My piece of crap team

I started the season feeling very positive about my draft. After 3 very close losses where a single play turned the tide week 4 arrived and I got pasted. Now what? I'm taking any suggestions
Rodgers, Aaron QB GB
Forte, Matt RB CHI
Rice, Ray RB BAL
Cribbs, Josh WR CLE
Hester, Devin WR CHI
Royal, Eddie WR DEN
Hernandez, Aaron TE NE
Akers, David K PHI
Ravens DST
Garrard, David QB JAC
Sproles, Darren RB SD
Bess, Davone WR MIA
Breaston, Steve WR ARI
Ward, Hines WR PIT
Moeaki, Tony TE KC

Here are the top WR/RB/TE free agents available by fantasy points scored so far in our league:
Stephens-Howling, LaRod RB ARI
Washington, Leon RB SEA
Scheffler, Tony TE DET
Pettigrew, Brandon TE DET
Tate, Brandon WR NE
Watson, Benjamin TE CLE
Goodson, Mike RB CAR
Thomas, Mike WR JAC
Johnson, Steve WR BUF
Gresham, Jermaine TE CIN
Williams, Roy E. WR DAL
Smith, Brad WR NYJ
Britt, Kenny WR TEN
Stewart, Jonathan RB CAR
Heap, Todd TE BAL
Henderson, Devery WR NO
Morgan, Josh WR SF
Slaton, Steve RB HOU
Shipley, Jordan WR CIN
Underwood, Tiquan WR JAC
Darby, Kenneth RB STL

Posted by: kenstall on 04 Oct 2010

3 replies , Last at 05 Oct 2010, 2:42pm by kenstall

Re: My piece of crap team
by lang55 :: Tue, 10/05/2010 - 3:00am

I have Matt Forte and feel your pain after he put up a great wk 1, good wk 2, and two duds of late. I think you're good at QB, K, and decent at RB. Ray Rice will pick it up. Moeaki and Hernandez are good for TE, better than those available you listed. Your WR could use some work. But, I'm not seeing much out there on the waiver wire. Ward will look better once Big Ben returns. The Ravens D has been pretty below average so far. If someone still covets them, I might try to trade them or start playing the waiver wire for defenses. Your best asset is Rodgers. Is someone hurting for a QB who can give you a good WR? Also, is Santonio Homles available? He might be good when he gets back.

Is Jonathan Stewart really available?? I would get him asap and drop Sproles. Good luck.

Re: My piece of crap team
by boone88rr :: Tue, 10/05/2010 - 11:02am

Clear a bench spot and get rid of Garrard. He's terrible. You're never going to start him other than Rogers' bye week. Pick up the best available QB for that week.

HInes Ward should see an uptick with Ben coming back. I'd bench Hester immediately. Probably would be starting Bess over Cribbs, especially if it's a PPR league.

And I agree with the above poster, drop Sproles and pick up J Stew.

You have some slow starters. But I wouldn't panic and drop guys. Maybe make a trade to improve your WRs but I think they have potential to be good. Based on your team, I really hope this is a PPR league. If it's not that is probably why you're struggling.

Re: My piece of crap team
by kenstall :: Tue, 10/05/2010 - 2:42pm

Thanks for the suggestions. FWIW, this is a PPR league. I'm 2nd on the waiver wire so I should pick up Stewart Wednesday morning. My question now is should I start him over Rice or Forte?

Ward and Bess are both on bye this week. So I'm stuck with Royal, Hester and Cribbs unless Breaston is a go. If all 4 are starting which 3 would be best? Or is there anyone worth taking a flyer on in free agency?

I'm not keen on trading Baltimore just yet. I like their schedule. Besides, who would I pick up from those available?
Rams DST
Lions DST
Panthers DST
Redskins DST
Browns DST
Cardinals DST
Dolphins DST
Buccaneers DST
Jaguars DST
Broncos DST
Texans DST
49ers DST
Raiders DST
Bills DST

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