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13 Jan 2011

New Coaching Gigs

So I know a few jobs have already been decided (Rivera to the Panthers, Harbaugh to the 49ers, and now Shurmur to the Browns), but there are still plenty of other jobs to fill (Broncos HC, Minnesota's OC, St. Louis OC, etc...). I was wondering what everybody thought about potential fillings for all the jobs out there. I don't really care about Offensive Tackle Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, just the big time positions.

I, for one, had Rob Ryan getting the head coaching job in Carolina, and was a little dissapointed to hear that apparently he's not getting any other chances this year. I think he could do pretty well, not just because of his brother's success, but because he seems like the type that pays great attention to detail, and has made some pretty decent chicken salad from really horrible looking chicken shit in Cleveland.

I also have commented earlier on McDaniels going to either St. Louis or Minnesota from the link to the article on Shurmur going to Cleveland, and seriously think he's going to St. Louis. Anybody else think he's headed somewhere else?

Posted by: Drunkmonkey on 13 Jan 2011

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Re: New Coaching Gigs
by trill :: Fri, 01/21/2011 - 11:24am

Rob Ryan took the DC gig in Dallas, right? I think that's the more logical step than offering him an HC gig. You're right in that he's done a very good job in Cleveland, especially against the better teams this year. His gameplan vs NO was excellent. I want to see how he does with better talent, in an environment where there's a little more pressure to win instead of just compete. I think he'll thrive there, especially if JJ can add some pieces to Dallas's shitty secondary.

Besides, his personality seems like a poor fit for the buttoned-down Panthers.

Re: New Coaching Gigs
by Drunkmonkey :: Sun, 01/30/2011 - 5:36pm

See, I don't see Rob being anything like his brother Rex. Maybe there has been recorded video evidence of a press conference where Rob is acting like Rex, but I see Rob being the quiet, more controlled one. I think he is a great defensive mind, and that he's at best only one more year away from getting a HC job, and 2 at the farthest, providing he doesn't really screw up the Dallas job.

I hadn't heard one way or the other that Ryan was even being considered for the Dallas job, letting alone the fact that he got it. I am not really surprised though, because that is a very high profile job, it's a 3-4 gig, and other then Tennessee, which I feel Bud Adams is NOT going to hire a Ryan ever, there aren't any other promotions available.

I didn't see Fox to Denver coming, but I guess in retrospect I should have.

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