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22 Sep 2011

New kickoff rules part of the reason for inflated passing yards?

Saw this quote from Aaron Rodgers and thought he might be on to something.

"One thing you have to point to at some level is, I think the rule change on the kickoffs," he said. "You're starting more drives at the 20-yard line. The kickoff-touchback percentage has got to be up. The tackles inside the 20 on kickoffs has got to be up. When you're going longer distances to drive the ball, I think that's definitely going to count for more yards."

I might go through and gather the data, but I'm curious as to what the average starting position of all drives has been this year compared to last year. If the average scoring drive is just 6 yards longer, and each team averages 3.5 scoring drives a game and all of that extra yardage is made up with passing yards, that is 21 yards a game for every QB, 336 yards over a season. Sure that's not all of it, but I'm wondering how much merit there really is to that statement.

I'm guessing the data is pretty easy to get here on FO and if one of the staff wants to run with the idea go for it.

Posted by: DisplacedPackerFan on 22 Sep 2011

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