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17 Oct 2013

NFL Data

I have collected NFL game data for every regular and post season game since 1996. The data is stored in Access databases (one for each year) and I have a master database that includes all games.

Each file contains two tables. tblCombined has a record for each team for each game, and tblSchedule as a record for each game. Records in tblCombined have previous and next ID's so you can walk forward and backward through a team's schedule. It also contains team and opp win perc, game location (home/away), favorite and spread for each game.

TblCombined has box score data (Gain,Allow,Diff) for each team, in addition to previous, current and next opponent DivConf and next game gain, allow and diff points for the current team, and a link to the opponent game record.

I use this data in an application I built to predict games, so I am very picky about data quality. I key in the data each week, checking three different box score sources. I also have a data auditor program that I run to sanity check the data. I won't guarantee the quality, but I rely on it.

It dawned on me that I may have built an asset that I could sell. I would probably offer years individually, all years, or the master database as purchase options. I would also offer a subscription option for the current year, delivered on Wednesday of each week.

Before I invest time in building a web site, does anyone see value in this? If you would like to see a sample (weeks 1-5 for current 2013 NFL season), drop me an email at jlwint22@gmail.com.


Posted by: jlwint22 on 17 Oct 2013

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