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23 Jul 2013

This one took me a couple of minutes...

Although I've been using Kubiak for a few years now, I still decided to go back and read through the instructions this morning. While doing so, I noticed that the example used in the Playoff Adjustment section says most of Buffalo's players had adjustments greater than 100% because their late season opponents included the Seahawks and Rams. Have I been misinterpreting that adjustment all this time? Surely, the Rams and Seahawks are considered good defenses but I was also pretty sure an adjustment above 100% made the statistics better. I used Steve Johnson as an example and lowered his adjustment to 100% and, sure enough, his projections went down.

Finally, I opened last years file and saw the same example. I realize this is inconsequential for 99% of the people using Kubiak but for some of the new guys, this could be pretty confusing.

Posted by: GBS on 23 Jul 2013

2 replies , Last at 29 Jul 2013, 11:46am by Aaron Schatz

Re: This one took me a couple of minutes...
by nkowal :: Sun, 07/28/2013 - 11:32am

Noticed this same thing and was just as confused by it as you were. Sounds like an example that didn't get updated.

Re: This one took me a couple of minutes...
by Aaron Schatz :: Mon, 07/29/2013 - 11:46am

You are correct. I will fix this in the next version that updates Pitta, Maclin, etc.

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