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01 Sep 2011

Open invite to a league

Hey all -- I have a league up and I'm looking for a few players. The settings are unique, but I'm guessing some of the people here might be into them. There are basically three distinctives:

1) Scoring is as sabermetric as Yahoo will allow: pass attempts and rushing attempts count for negative points, rewarding efficiency over raw counting stats.

2) Scoring is set so game scores should be like real games: i.e. 31-29, not 88.9 to 76.3. Your offensive skill players will usually earn 2-5 points each per game.

3) You field a full defense: 11 starters, plus a nickelback. (1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 5 DB, and 1 flex, to be precise). So yeah, it's not for casual fans.

I have 9 so far, I'd love to get 12, but the draft is this Sunday.

Yahoo league #75716
Password 123456

Questions to furtigan at gmail

Posted by: furtigan on 01 Sep 2011

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