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16 Oct 2010

The Perils of Week 6

OK here is where I'm at for this week:
For QB, I have Vick still waiting in the wings, and I have Schaub, or could pick up Eli Manning or Matt Cassell. Manning seems like the best option, but the problem is I have Ahmad Bradshaw to use at RB or flex. I can start MJD and Best at RB, but then for my 2 WR I have Malcom Floyd (obvious start) and either Maclin, Welker, or Harvin. I'm not particularly thrilled about any of them as WR2 this week, and my only other flex options are one of them or Thomas Jones.

Posted by: the K on 16 Oct 2010

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Re: The Perils of Week 6
by the K :: Sat, 10/16/2010 - 2:40pm

Also, I need to pick up a D for the week. Miami seemed like a slam dunk but now it seems like Rodgers might play. The best choices seem to be Miami (@GB) Baltimore (@NE) or Oakland (@SF). None of them look like great plays.

Re: The Perils of Week 6
by lang55 :: Sat, 10/16/2010 - 3:22pm

Eli is a better start than Schaub at QB. Do you not have a roster spot for him, some scrub backup RB or WR? Definitely don't play Thomas Jones. Use MJD, Best (not a great matchup), and Bradhsaw at your RB and Flex.

I also have Maclin, Welker, and Harvin to choose from at WR2. Maclin has been quietly consistent this season and seems good for either a TD or at least 60 yds each week. Last week at SF, it was nice to see Kolb throwing to him (we already know Vick loves him in the red zone). Welker has a tough matchup against Bal. And Harvin has Favre's creaky elbow throwing to him. I'm still going with Welker just because I think he's the best bet for some solid if not spectacular points. If you're in an uphill battle this week, and want to take more of a gamble, I might go with Harvin. He could go off.

Hope that helps.

Re: The Perils of Week 6
by the K :: Sat, 10/16/2010 - 9:39pm

Eli definately seems like the best start, but I don't like starting a QB and RB from the same team, unless the RB is a proven pass catcher. You're sure to take points away from yourself unless they run up 40+ (which could happen, mind.) Matt Cassel seems like an almost equally solid play and I have no intention of using Jones this week.

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