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04 Sep 2010

Please give me your thoughts on my draft


Normal 1 pt/10 yards for RB and WR. 1 pt/20 for QB. 6 points passing TDs. 10 points at 100 rush/rec and 300 passing. 14 teams. I picked 11th.

1. Rashard Mendenhall
2. Greg Jennings
3. Steve Smith (NYG)
4. Matt Forte
5. Kevin Kolb
6. Jerome Harrison
7. Devin Hester
8. Zach Miller (OAK)
9. Ben Roethlisberger
10. Vincent Jackson
11. Roy Williams
12. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
13. Jeremy Shockey
14. Kyle Orton
15. Seahawks DEF
16. Matt Prater

I debated long and hard between Harrison and Knox in the 6th, and I think I made the wrong choice looking back on it. My WR position is weak as Knox was the last guy remaining before a major drop-off in value. Meanwhile, many quality RB options remained late into the draft. Hence, I made a few desperation picks at WR to make up for my lack of depth. I also reached on Hester, but again, I needed to get him or I would've been completely out of WR options for a few rounds.

Honestly though, if Jackson actually plays (not holding my breath, but hopeful) and Housh signs with the Vikings/Chargers (seemingly probale), I'll be set at WR. Housh going to a powerful offense like either of those would really do my team well. And in the 12th round, why not take a shot?

I also LOVE my QB depth. Kolb was a little above his ADP but I was the 10th team of 14 to take a QB and Flacco was already gone at that point. I didn't want to be stuck with McNabb/Cutler/E. Manning so I took reached for Kolb a little. Orton is a solid backup and I even have Ben who is my ace in the hole if Kolb and Orton both flop.

Notable picks:
Hines Ward went with at 3.4, which is ridiculously high.

Reggie Wayne went right in front of me in the 2nd (I actually had pick 2.8 that round because I traded down from my 2.4 spot before the draft started). Other WRs who went before Wayne and my Jennings pick include Boldin, Marshall, Calvin Johnson, Roddy White. I would've LOVED for Wayne to last one more pick but I'll take Jennings.

Rodgers went at 1.4, and all QBs generally went early.

Jamaal Charles went at 3.5. I debated a long time in the 2nd between him and Jennings, but decided that I was confident enough in getting Forte later that I would be better served getting a WR. Since Hines Ward, a guy I was counting on later, went way early, I think this was a good decision. Charles might blow up but I think it was the right move.

So what do you think?

Posted by: Key19 on 04 Sep 2010

1 reply , Last at 05 Sep 2010, 5:58pm by Zheng

Re: Please give me your thoughts on my draft
by Zheng :: Sun, 09/05/2010 - 5:58pm

Not bad. I'm not as down on your WRs as you are; Jennings/Smith is pretty good, and you can put RBs in the flex spots. Your depth there is admittedly short but that's to be expected given the demand for WRs. I always get caught by the abrupt dropoff in WRs in the mid rounds too, so it's not just you. As long as you get all-cylinders Ben in week 6, and not rusty-and-perpetually-hurt-Ben, you should be all right.

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