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08 Aug 2013

Possible Trades?

A guy in my league wants to make a trade happen. He is interested in one of my RB's but I'm not sure I want to get rid of any. If I do, which do you think is best and what can I get for him? It's a 10 man, keeper league(up to 3). 1 point ppr. The rest is really standard scoring.

My Team- His Team-
Ryan, Stafford Cam, Eli, Vick
AP, Spiller, T-Rich, Morris, Murray Charles, Bush, Wilson, Mathews, Andre Brown
Thomas, V-Jax, Wallace, Colston, Calvin, Bowe, Jennings, T Smith, Harvin
Antonio Brown, Steve Smith
Cook Graham
Prater Walsh

I kept AP, Spiller and T-Rich.

Posted by: rodgers5 on 08 Aug 2013

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