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28 Aug 2012

post-draft trade offer in unconventional league

Looks like this forum has been dead since last season but thought I would run a few trade offers I received in a fun, unconventional league and see if anyone responds. I play in a 12-team, 1 QB, 1 offense utility (almost always makes sense to start a 2nd QB), 3 WR, 2 RB, Flex, TE/K/DEF PPR league where depth is really important, especially at QB and WR. I ended up with 3 good QBs (Vick, Freeman, Luck), good WR depth (Jennings, Welker, T. Smith, Wayne, Holmes), and hopefully a decent enough group of RBs that they won't kill me (Mathews, P Thomas, D Brown, Helu). Another league mate slept through the draft and because of our weird parameters, ended up with a terrible team and no QBs. Now he's trying to salvage his team and end up with some QBs and depth.

He offered me:

Fitzgerald for Smith, Helu, and Luck, or:
Jones-Drew for Pierre Thomas, Helu, and Luck

There's a complicating factor that I play him in week 1 and he has a very slim chance of beating me if he doesn't pull off another trade as he will have people like Amendola and Brandon Jacobs starting for him. In addition, if I take the MJD trade, I could end up with someone like Jonathan Dwyer or Ronnie Brown starting week 1 with Thomas and Helu being traded, Mathews hurt, and MJD potentially still holding out.

With Vick being injury prone and QBs and depth being at a premium (this is a league where people routinely start guys like Josh Morgan and Danny Woodhead during bye weeks), my thought was to just stand pat and wait to trade a QB after they get through their bye weeks assuming Vick stays healthy. If I took a trade, I improve my starting lineup but lose my depth and would likely have to burn one of my 8 bench spots on Nick Foles as insurance for Vick.

Posted by: Nickorton86 on 28 Aug 2012

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Re: post-draft trade offer in unconventional league
by J. Winn (not verified) :: Thu, 09/06/2012 - 11:29am

I wouldn't take either trade at all. You don't need a WR, even if it is Fitzgerald. MJD is too risky to pay that high of a price, even though you could use some help at RB.

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