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27 Oct 2010

PPR League Trade Offer: Jones Drew/Louis Murphy for Forte/RandyMoss

In a PPR league, 1 pt per catch/10 yds, 6 pts per TD:

Been offered Jones-Drew and Louis Murphy for Forte/Randy Moss. Thinking of doing the trade as Jones-Drew seems more consistent than Forte and has a better playoff schedule.

My other WRS/RBs are Gore, MacGahee, Cal Johnson, Nicks, and Bess. Also have Reggie Bush coming back at some point. Thoughts appreciated?

Posted by: DrG on 27 Oct 2010

1 reply , Last at 29 Oct 2010, 9:13am by AL

Re: I wouldn't do it
by AL (not verified) :: Fri, 10/29/2010 - 9:13am

Be aware that Louis Murphy has a lung bruise and will probably be out until after the WK 9 bye, if not longer. I would stand pat, as MJD is less of an upgrade to Forte than you might think in a ppr, and Murphy nowhere near approximates equal value for Moss. If you must do this trade, try to get a much better WR.

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