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24 Nov 2009

Preseason prediction comments?

Somewhere I seem to recall a thread where both FO staff and readers made predictions about the upcoming season: more specifically, NCAA teams most likely to exceed and fall short of FOA projections and probable BCS matchups. (I think we did similar predictions for the NFL: most likely to exceed/fall short and probable Super Bowl matchups.)

Can't find it anywhere. I feel as though it came out somewhere around the first weekend of the NCAA season, because I remember picking Purdue and not Oklahoma State to exceed because I couldn't use Purdue's weak defensive performance against Toledo as evidence they wouldn't exceed the prediction (because I should have done it before the season started).

I was flipping through FOA and saw that they'd picked Purdue exactly right at 5-7 (but 3-5 instead of 4-4 in the conference; I'll wager the Michigan game made the difference), so I was curious to see how I and others had done so far.

Does anyone recall this thread or the Google-fu required to locate it?

Posted by: zlionsfan on 24 Nov 2009

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