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07 Aug 2012

QB Value in a Deep PPR League

Do you guys have any thoughts on the relative value of a top QB in a deep - 14 team - PPR league? Typically QBs are more valuable in deeper leagues as the baseline QB is lower, but less valuable in the PPR format.

I have the #5 pick in an upcoming draft and am thinking about if it is worth it to pull the trigger on Rodgers vs. CJ or Ryan Mathews both who are expected to have a signficant # of receptions.

Posted by: davidKw on 07 Aug 2012

1 reply , Last at 08 Aug 2012, 9:00pm by J. Winn

Re: QB Value in a Deep PPR League
by J. Winn (not verified) :: Wed, 08/08/2012 - 9:00pm

Here's my take: The top tier of RBs includes Rice, Foster, McCoy, Mathews, and Johnson.
That's just five RBs before there is a huge downgrade in both potential and security.

In contrast, you'll find that QB is exceptionally deep this year, and it is position where there is not necessarily a huge difference between the top ranked QB and the 14th ranked QB. A top QB will give you a huge amount of consistency, but is not necessarily a great value.

In my experience, QBs will win you games; RBs will win you championships. If you're confident in your ability to build a team that will get you to the championship, go with the RB. If not, go with Rodgers.

For what it's worth, I prefer Mathews over Johnson. He's actually my third ranked RB, ahead of McCoy. I think there's much better value to be had with QBs in the Mannings, Ryan, and Rivers.

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