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08 Sep 2010

Rate My Team

10 team PPR league. Antsports style keeper (up to three players, give up last year's draft pick + 2 rounds, 1st 3 rounds excluded). 6pts per passing TD.

QBs: Flacco, Ryan, Cassel (weakest position)
RBs: Mendenhall, Grant, Forte, Bradshaw, M. Bush
WRs: Roddy White, Greg Jennings, Mason, Britt, Gonzalez, Aromashodu
TE: Gates
DEFs: SF, Chi
K: Succop

Advice on who to play in week 1 is also appreciated. Going Flacco, Mendehall, Grant, Forte, White, Jennings, Gates, SF, and Succop right now.

Posted by: VaingloriousBasterd on 08 Sep 2010

1 reply , Last at 10 Sep 2010, 10:49pm by agauntpanda

Re: Rate My Team
by agauntpanda :: Fri, 09/10/2010 - 10:49pm

Very solid; I'd start Ryan over Flacco in most cases though -- even (especially?) this week. I am in Baltimore and people are really overestimating how much Baltimore is going to throw. They threw a lot in preseason, but I think they are going to lean very hard on the running game especially while Gaither is out.

Also, if you don't start Forte (over Grant) this week, one questions why you took him!

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