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31 Aug 2009

rate my team, need to drop someone

Well my 14 team, PPR, 6 pts passing TD, can start 2 QB draft fell back to 10 people. 4 people backed out the day of the draft. I was disappointed because I spent all this effort researching for 14 teams. I can fall out of bed and draft a 10 team league cold. Anyway, I didn't' draft a kicker. Just felt there was too much value at the end of the draft to let go through (because I researched for a deeper draft). Got some good value picks, but my RB core is lacking. Anyway I need to drop someone or make a 2-for-1 trade by opening day. Anyone have any suggestions:

QB: Brady (fell to 19 because of the injury), Rivers, Romo
RB: MJD, Lendale White, D Ward, K Moreno, L McCoy, J Jones, F Jackson
(I hadn't planned on getting a good RB2 when it was 14 teams. I was going to take a bunch of flyers late. I stuck with that strategy, but in 10 teams I'm not sure if that's going to work. So I just took a bunch of RB (7) and I'm hoping to get lucky.
WR: Roddy White, Bowe, Holt, Hixon
TE: Daniels

Obviously one of my QBs are trade bait, but I'm wanting to wait to see how injured/healthy Brady is before I make a move. I'd like to move a few of those backs to free up a spot for a kicker and/or add WR depth. I know I can move McCoy easily to the Westy owner, as he's been asking for him, but I'm hesitant to move him so soon. Moreno scares me (I wish he'd just get listed as "OUT" so I could move him to the IR spot on espn.com). Fred Jackson could be my starter in weeks 2 & 3 (TB & NO). And Julius Jones is a starting RB in the NFL. I'm not sure who i would drop out right If I had to drop one. Any suggestions?

Posted by: hokieneer on 31 Aug 2009

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Tough call
by Snowglare :: Tue, 09/01/2009 - 2:55am

I don't think Julius is worth holding onto, but I'm lower on him than most. No one jumps out as needing to be cut. McCoy maybe, but you can trade him, and Jackson, but he'll be good for a few weeks. Everyone but MJD is in a committee, but it's not clear that anyone is so buried that they aren't worth a roster spot.

I think it's safe to count on Brady. Maybe you can work a deal with the Westbrook owner for another RB.

Re: rate my team, need to drop someone
by kcwilson :: Tue, 09/01/2009 - 8:08am

Even as an Eagles fan, I'd drop McCoy. Rookies practically never produce in the Eagles offense. Yes, I know Jackson last year is a glaring exception. But history speaks louder than 2008 in my eyes.

I expect McCoy to be a better football player than fantasy player.

Re: rate my team, need to drop someone
by hokieneer :: Tue, 09/01/2009 - 9:58am

If I drop McCoy, the Westy owner will pick him up immediately, as he's one of the intelligent owners in our league. This league was a big disappointment this year, going from 14 to 10, and we lost a lot of good owners. The draft was a joke (as you can tell from the team I drafted).

I'm going to try and trade McCoy and a player for someone, grab a 2 for 1. Or the guy who has westy also has Brandon marshall. Might try to trade McCoy in a deal for Marshall, since Marshall is IR eligible right now on ESPN.com (don't know why).

Re: rate my team, need to drop someone
by kcwilson :: Tue, 09/01/2009 - 4:37pm

If he's that intelligent, is he really going to go for the old 2 for 1? Your world, just saying I'm not expecting much from McCoy, unless you're convinced Westbrook doesn't play much this year. Marshall for McCoy would be a great trade... then again so would MJD for McCoy. But if you can get it, swing it.

Re: rate my team, need to drop someone
by spotatl :: Tue, 09/01/2009 - 3:44pm

Honestly once Brady shows that he is healthy I'd pair White and Brady for a top RB. You are FINE at QB with rivers and romo.

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