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08 Aug 2010

Rate my team thread - 2010

Figure we should get this started for those of us with the misfortune of painfully early fantasy drafts.

Standard Scoring, 14 team league, no keeper, no PPR

QB: Peyton Manning (11)
RB: DeAngelo Williams (18)
RB: Matt Forte (45)
WR: Steve Smith (CAR) (38)
WR: Hakeem Nicks (65)
Flex: Ricky Williams (92)
TE: John Carlson (126)
D/ST: Dolphins (119)

Bench: Mike Wallace (72)
Bench: Malcolm Floyd (99)
Bench: Chris Chambers (146)
Bench: James Jones (151)
Bench: D/ST Falcons (171)
Bench: Jerricho Cotchery (197)
Bench: Larry Johnson (177)
Bench: Mercedes Lewis (204)

I wanted Jamaal Charles to fall to me in the 2nd round which he didn't. Him and Shonne Greene both were snagged back to back picks ahead of me. Steve Smith was the last on a run at WR, and Ricky Williams seemed like too much value to give up. I went Nicks/Wallace over a TE as I was playing the KUBIAK game of grabbing Zach Miller, that someone grabbed in the early 7th round out of the blue so I just let the position slide.

Posted by: JuridianSantaal@aol com on 08 Aug 2010

2 replies , Last at 17 Aug 2010, 8:55pm by dutchtreat

Re: Rate my team thread - 2010
by john littig@gma... :: Mon, 08/16/2010 - 1:37pm

Chris Chambers is still in the league? I like your starting lineup well enough and your reserve wrs are strong. But your rbs are very thin and you're counting on FO binkie Matt Forte to come through. I'd like to see a few more "shoot the moon" type guys late - Arian Foster, Ryan Torain, Brandon Jackson etc. I see no upside to drafting Chambers, Cotchery, LJ or Mercedes Lewis. I'd work the wire/trade wrs for some depth or potential at rb.

Re: Rate my team thread - 2010
by dutchtreat :: Tue, 08/17/2010 - 8:55pm

Really like the Nicks, Wallace, Williams, and Floyd picks. I agree that you will probably need to hit the waivers to help offset some of those late picks. I understand that it is quite a deep league, but no need to pick up 2 TEs and DEF.

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