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27 Aug 2010

Rate My Team; Waiver/Trade Advice?

10-team league draft last night. I ended up with the first pick, a position I really don't like to be in. Here's what I got:

QB- Kevin Kolb(4)
QB- Donovan McNabb

RB-Chris Johnson(1)
RB-Rashard Mendenhall(3)
RB-Arian Foster(6)
RB-Clinton Portis

WR-Larry Fitzgerald(2)
WR-Steve Smith (NYG)(5)
WR-Mike Wallace
WR-Steve Breaston

TE-Vernon Davis(7)
TE-Dustin Keller

K-Stephen Gostkowski
K-Matt Prater

DEF- San Diego
DEF- Carolina

Yes, we were forced to draft two defenses and two kickers. I feel good everywhere but WR. What do you think? Any advice?

Posted by: kyclef on 27 Aug 2010

1 reply , Last at 27 Aug 2010, 4:09pm by alien1rock

Re: Rate My Team; Waiver/Trade Advice?
by alien1rock :: Fri, 08/27/2010 - 4:09pm

If there were only 10 teams and you were forced to take 2 K and D, that means there should be some solid talent still available. I'm assuming you can't drop a K or D, but if you are allowed to drop a TE, I'd bet there is a RB or WR out there that is well worth a pickup.

Looks like you're pretty solid everywhere but QB. Might end up being okay, but going in with Kolb and McNabb is a little risky.

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