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04 Aug 2010

RB Opinions!

I'm picking 11th in a 14 team league. With my first round pick I'm getting Peyton Manning. With my second round pick though, I have it torn between two guys

Jamaal Charles and Shonn Greene.

Shonn's pros:
Great O-line
Team that loves to run
Goal line carries

Cons: Doesn't receive the ball
Timeshare unsure with Tomlinson

Jamaal Charles' pros:
Weak schedule
Team that wants to run a lot
Home run threat

Cons: Goal line carries
Timeshare unsure with Jones

I know what KUBIAK thinks, any opinions from anyone else?

Posted by: JuridianSantaal@aol com on 04 Aug 2010

2 replies , Last at 04 Aug 2010, 9:36pm by JuridianSantaal@aol com

Re: RB Opinions!
by Dan :: Wed, 08/04/2010 - 8:21pm

They're close enough so that you could go either way on it, assuming no PPR. I lean slightly towards Charles since I think he has a better chance of turning out to be a great RB.

Is there something weird about your league's scoring for you to be taking a QB in the first? In most leagues, you could probably get Manning in the 2nd and take a better RB in the 1st (KUBIAK knows who).

Re: RB Opinions!
by JuridianSantaal... :: Wed, 08/04/2010 - 9:36pm

No PPR, standard scoring.

My league has a run at QB, especially for the "big 3". Brees is going at 6 overall and Rodgers at 9. By my pick, the best available RBs are SJax, DWill, Greene, Matthews, and Charles and I'm not super high on SJax so the value is there.

Andre will be the only WR off the board by my pick.

I also personally like the value of a top tier QB, and if I don't get a first or second round QB, my next pick isn't for another 20 picks, at which point all of the "big 7" QBs will be gone and I'll be looking at guys like Cutler. The PPG drop off from my 1st to 3rd at QB winds up being around 4-5 points.

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