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24 Sep 2009

RB, TE, and WR decisions

League one, standard scoring (no PPR):

Two of Steve Slaton vs JAX, Felix Jones vs CAR, Steven Jackson vs GB, Michael Bush vs DEN.

I'm leaning toward Slaton and Jones even if MBIII does start as he'll still be gimpy and Carolina's Run D is awful.

One of Zach Miller vs DEN, Brent Celek vs KC

Seems like a real toss-up there.

League two, PPR (and minimal return yards points)

Three of Vincent Jackson vs MIA, Mario Manningham vs TB, Laurent Robinson vs GB, Michael Clayton vs NYG, Davone Bess vs SD.

Any reason not to just go with numbers and do Jackson, Manningham, and Robinson?

One of Zach Miller vs DEN, Marcedes Lewis vs. HOU

Posted by: Red Hedgehog on 24 Sep 2009

1 reply , Last at 24 Sep 2009, 6:23pm by Zheng

Re: RB, TE, and WR decisions
by Zheng :: Thu, 09/24/2009 - 6:23pm

Good heavens. Well, let me throw some darts.

Definitely FJones. Personally I'd go with SJax over Slaton, if only because the former is the offense, and the latter could get lost among all the Houston weapons. It's a tossup. I'd sit MBush versus a strangely effective Broncos D, especially since Gallery went down.

Celek. No way will McNabb play when they could rest him through the bye week. Kolb will need his security blanket.

Yes, VJax, Manningham, LRob. SD must throw against a stiff Miami run D. TB also is weaker against the pass. STL will be behind and throwing. Pennington will spend Sunday handing off to Ronnie, and I don't trust Clayton against NYG.

Ugh. Miller, I guess, but as the least bad option. Does Lewis still have butterfingers?

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