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16 Sep 2009

RB2 and Flex Start/Sit Help please

My team is in my sig. I start my studs, no question about that. However my RB2 and FLEX are up in the air right now and I'd appreciate any insight for my line up this week.

Benson - I believe he is a lot better than people think. He finished last season pretty strong and is looking like he can continue on that this year. After seeing what GB did to Forte though I'm not expecting too much from him this week.

Caddy - Dude looks like he can be a beast this year. BUF looked okay against the run but not stellar. Between Ward and Caddy I think they will move the chains. The question is will it be Caddy or Ward who gets the hot hand?

Norwood - He's behind Turner but he does get his shots. In PPR his 5 REC are nice but I see him as a feast or famine guy much like Turner.

Mike Bell - Could be the starting back this week?

Mason - Is Mason and I am in a 1PPR league. SD didn't look like they could stop the run very well against OAK and I see the BAL running game to have a similar approach. If the run game gets going Clayton is the one that gets the deep ball not Mason.

Royal - picked him off of waivers after an owner nevously dropped him in favor for Burleson. Shades of 2008 for me as I picked up Royal last year as a FA in week 2 as well. I think he bounces back but enough to start? I'm not sure.

Posted by: mrapollinax on 16 Sep 2009

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Re: RB2 and Flex Start/Sit Help please
by mrapollinax :: Wed, 09/16/2009 - 4:31pm

Looks like the sig doesn't post in the first post only in replies? See below:

QB Tom Brady; Mark Sanchez*
RB Maurice Jones-Drew; Cedric Benson; Jerious Norwood*; Mike Bell*; Cadillac Williams*;
WR Reggie Wayne; Wes Welker; Marques Colston; Derrick Mason; Eddie Royal*
TE Kellen Winslow
DEF Bears; Packers*
K Lawrence Tynes
*FA Pickup

Benson and Bell/Caddy
by Snowglare :: Wed, 09/16/2009 - 5:33pm

I wouldn't start Norwood unless Turner gets hurt.

Benson finished last season against Cleveland and KC. I'm not high on him. He is, however, the unquestioned starter, which makes him one of two on your team. You almost have to play him at RB2. If Thomas is out again, Bell's on even footing and looks like a stronger play.

I'd have said Caddy wasn't worth a roster spot a week ago; don't know what to think now. I want to start Ward this week, but I can't count on a TD to make up for a 50/50 carry split in a pass-heavy game. Maybe they run more against Buffalo, and maybe Ward catches more passes, or maybe Caddy gets a bigger piece of the pie. They can't both have consistent value.

Benson can have a 1000 yard season by staying healthy and falling forward. Caddy and Ward either need to push the other out or get an exceptional number of TDs and yards per carry. Ward has the best upside, Benson's the safest, and it's tempting to take advantage of Caddy before the next season-ending injury. Bell's somewhere between Ward and Caddy. Probably won't catch passes, splits carries if Thomas is healthy, and he won't average 5+ yards every game.

Mason's good in PPR, but the guy who cut Royal will be kicking himself, probably as soon as Sunday. Both good flex plays, or WR3 on a less stacked team. Think I'd go with Bell/Caddy, though, with Benson at RB2. Worst possible way to take advantage of the .5 PPR, but better odds at TDs.

Re: RB2 and Flex Start/Sit Help please
by Zheng :: Wed, 09/16/2009 - 5:37pm

I'd guess Cadillac and Royal. Philly held Carolina's run game in check, and Bell is not DWill. Benson is underrated but Cincy will be catching up to GB. Jerious gets his touches, but only a few. Mason--SD's secondary (Cromartie/Jammer) is better than its line. Royal will build up short-pass points against a really vanilla Browns D, and Cadillac is certainly running well enough to get his touches against the Bills.

Of course, I could be totally wrong...

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