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06 Aug 2013

RB/WR/TE flex

Hi all - first season using KUBIAK and it looks great. I'm no Excel expert, but is there an adjustment I can make to cater for the fact that the flex spot in my league is RB/WR/TE? I gather the built-in flex option only considers RB/WR.

Any help appreciated!


Posted by: jurassicxi on 06 Aug 2013

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Re: RB/WR/TE flex
by bird jam :: Tue, 08/06/2013 - 11:16am

I wouldn't think that any TEs that would be available at flex would be better than the options at RB and WR.

Re: RB/WR/TE flex
by jurassicxi :: Tue, 08/06/2013 - 12:44pm

I saw the part of the instruction that says that a QB/RB/WR flex spot should be treated as a QB spot as they will nearly always higher scoring. Just wasn't sure that the same would be true of RB/WR scoring higher (although thinking about it, if the top 12 are gone, maybe it's not likely that the lower tiers of TEs are going to be that high scoring).

Re: RB/WR/TE flex
by bird jam :: Wed, 08/07/2013 - 10:59am

Yeah, that's the thing. In most leagues, the type of TE that should be available at flex (starting at #13) is not going to be nearly as high-scoring as the equivalent RBs and WRs. If you have two elite TEs on your squad the you would obviously be willing to start the second one over a flex-level RB or WR, but you wouldn't need KUBIAK to tell you that.

Re: RB/WR/TE flex
by jayhawkco :: Fri, 08/09/2013 - 12:09pm

See the commentary I posted in the 2 QB league thread. It'll give you step by step instructions to tweak Excel.

Re: RB/WR/TE flex
by jurassicxi :: Tue, 08/13/2013 - 4:12am

Thanks - I posted a question in that thread to make sure I've followed the instructions correctly. Please take a look if you have a second!

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