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12 Aug 2009


We've provided this forum at Football Outsiders for people who are interested in discussing issues related to betting on the NFL.

Of course, betting may be illegal in your place of residence. Please check your local state or federal laws to determine whether betting on football is legal in your area.

We must also clarify that this is not a forum for discussion of the Football Outsiders bets for the week. If you'd like to discuss those picks after the game(s) in question have been played, that is fine. However, as per your Premium membership, you are not allowed to share the information provided before games have been played. Breaking this rule may cause you to be banned from posting on the site. We also reserve the right to delete any posts in this forum which we perceive to be advertising.

Finally, we're also happy to note that both this forum and the message boards as a whole this year are being sponsored by the fine folks at ATS Sportsline. ATS puts the same sort of effort into understanding and predicting the betting side of the game that we do into understanding the game as a whole. They're the most professional handicapping site that we've come across, and we're happy to be partnering with them to provide these boards for the upcoming year.

Posted by: Bill Barnwell on 12 Aug 2009

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