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22 Aug 2013

Return Yardage

I am going to be drafting in a league on Saturday that is going to be giving 1 point for every 10 kick return yards and every 10 punt return yards. Plugging this into Kubiak with the other numbers came out with Randall Cobb and David Wilson ranked clear cut at 1 and 2. Obviously I can get value by waiting on these guys but I'm wondering if they are for sure going to be the primary returners for their teams this year. The little bit I have been able to read suggests that the coaches on these teams would like other players to step up to be the primary returners and I know Cobb has been fighting through a biceps injury which probably makes Mike McCarthy want to be even more cautious with him. Does anyone have any helpful information about these situations? Any Packers and/or Giants fans following their teams with any insight? Any info is appreciated.

Posted by: matu_72 on 22 Aug 2013

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