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27 Oct 2011

Rodgers for Roethlisberger, Gates, & Sproles

My team, PPR league, 6 points per passing TD. Line-up this week:

QB: B. Roethlisberger
RB: A.Foster
RB: D. Sproles
WR: L. Fitzgerald
WR: A. Green
RB/WR: M. Crabtree
TE: A. Gates
K: J. Hanson
DEF: Panthers
BEN: C. Benson
BEN: P. Hillis
BEN: D. Heyward-Bey
BEN: F. Davis
BEN: Jets D
BEN: T. Smith

I've got an offer of Aaron Rodgers for Sproles, Gates, and Big Ben from a guy who really needs a win this week and some depth. KUBIAK loves a team with both Rodgers and Foster, and Fred Davis should be able to take over my TE spot consistently. But this would kill my depth rather early, and it sort of depends on Hillis coming back as strong as KUBIAK seems to think he will. If his hammy injury lingers, I don't see Benson being able to get Sproles type numbers (PPR league) week in and week out. Then again, if Hillis comes back to form, will I really need Rodgers anyhow?

The other problem is that this trade is a this-week-only offer, leaving me to pick up a QB from the waiver wire and hope that Hillis can actually play this week. I'm slated to play a team that is almost completely scrubs filling in for stars on a bye week, but this would make a likely win abit more of a nail biter.

Do I pull the trigger on this?

Posted by: dandoepke on 27 Oct 2011

1 reply , Last at 27 Oct 2011, 9:34pm by Anymoose

Re: Rodgers for Roethlisberger, Gates, & Sproles
by Anymoose (not verified) :: Thu, 10/27/2011 - 9:34pm

Don't do it.
Go compare the upcoming schedules, Ben has a LOT tougher schedule than Aaron does.
Sproles has to deal with Ingram and Thomas, I am not so sure Gates will last to the end of the season, and I already told you about Ben.
Don't do it, but start looking for another RB - or two. TE's are a dime a dozen.

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