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28 Jun 2011

Russell Wilson's transfer to WI - The NCAA got something right

I like this SI article http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/andy_staples/06/27/wilson.... that discusses the rule that allows you to transfer to a new school and not sit if you earned your degree (i.e. you fulfilled you contract).

Of course I'm still surprised he chose Wisconsin and I'm also interested in what kind of affect that could have. It's a new offense but I've hear that while WI is certainly run first that the offenses may not be that difference (it's not like NC State ran a triple option or a only shot-gun spread). Wilson still took snaps under center, ran play action passes, etc. WI still has a beast for an offensive line and even with two players from that line going pro has a history of replacing departed talent on the line. I can see the appeal of designed run plays for Wilson.

I'm not sure WI has the same type of receiver talent NC State had, but that's hard to judge because they also haven't really had super QB play either. I also find the angle that he came back to play football instead of pursuing his pro Baseball contract (and while his baseball numbers weren't great, first year in the minors doesn't have a ton of correlation to eventual success in the majors).

Anyway, I find the whole thing interesting, not just the impact on WI, but the rules that allow it happen. I don't think the SI article conclusion that this might help motivate students to bear down in the classroom if this works out well for Wilson is true. The ability to declare early for the NFL if you are really talented, the difficulties that come with any type of transfer, etc are still there. I'd like to see players better rewarded for the money the bring in and the jokes that liken it to underpayed or forced labor are based on some ugly truths. But like the SI article said, this does seem to be a rule that does the right thing.

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