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30 Sep 2010

Ryan/Cutler, Forte/S Moss, and Keller/Gonzo

Anybody have any thoughts on who to roll with this week? It's a 12 team PPR league, with 6 pts per passing TD.

I'm leaning toward Ryan over Cutler since he's at home, and the Niners D has stunk so far. But the Bears seem to be much more devoted to the passing game, and at 6 pts per TD, I could also see going with Cutler.

At my flex, I have Santana Moss over Forte right now, but I'm also not convinced. My thinking is that Moss is good for about 10 targets per game, since the Skins have no running game. Forte seems to be reliant on being involved in the passing game and scoring a TD to be valuable. Also, if I go with Cutler, should I roll with Moss for sure to hedge my bets against a Chicago let down against the Giants?

Lastly, I'm thinking I'll start Keller over Gonzo. I think this one is the easiest decision of the three. The guy I'm up against this week is starting Sanchez, so if Keller manages to account for some of the Jets' passing TDs, I can cancel out part of Sanchez' production. I'm a little worried that Gonzo is going to take a backseat to White and Turner this week against the Niners.

Am I missing anything?

Posted by: s.diesel on 30 Sep 2010

1 reply , Last at 30 Sep 2010, 6:02pm by Zheng

Re: Ryan/Cutler, Forte/S Moss, and Keller/Gonzo
by Zheng :: Thu, 09/30/2010 - 6:02pm

Keller/Gonzo: Keller is playing lights out the past two weeks and BUF is dead last defending TEs.

Moss/Forte: NYG is not defending passes to RBs well so far. Moss draws a good pass D this week. Plus I'm not sure McNabb is going to survive the game.

Ryan/Cutler: Sort of a tossup, I would go with a pass-wacky Cutler over a NYG D that isn't as bad as SF, but still isn't getting it done. However SF is better against the run than the pass, and is coming cross-country. Depends on whether you want to limit your exposure to the CHI-NYG game, I suppose.

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