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08 Aug 2013

Scoring: Bonus points for 100 yard games, etc. How to adjust?

The scoring allows for bonus points if a QB throws for 300 yars, receivers and running backs get 100 yards. My league gives bonus for 350 yards and 125 yards for receivers/running backs. How can I change the setting to calculate for the extra yards required for the bonus?


Posted by: DemBoyz706 on 08 Aug 2013

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Re: Scoring: Bonus points for 100 yard games...
by wickerman :: Tue, 08/13/2013 - 1:21pm

I was hoping unhiding the "Internal" sheet (which populates with your setting choices) would allow you to change this, but it appears that this 100/300 point "bonus level" is hard-coded into BOTH the macro AND the "2013 KUBIAK Projections" sheet. The latter you could probably make changes to, but the former seems to be locked down (I too would like to make small tweaks to the macro). On the bright side, I would imagine that this slight difference would have a minimal effect on KUBIAK's ratings. In that, I would imagine, changing these bonus levels would mostly affect all players equally.

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