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08 Jul 2009

Searchable Database

Footballguys.com has an online searchable database of play-by-play data from 2002-2008, which they call the Data Dominator. You can search by a bunch of different factors to see the data, by player or by team, for just about any game situation. It's sometimes behind a paywall, but anyone can use it from now until July 15.

For instance, here you can see each team's play selection on 1st & 10 between the 20s; Baltimore and Atlanta, the two teams with rookie QBs, ran the most (67% of the time). Here you can see who the first down machines were: Roddy White, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Tony Gonzalez had the most first down receptions on 3rd or 4th down, but I'd give the 2008 first down machine title to the next guy on the list, Derrick Mason, who converted a first down on 64% of his targets (23 of 36). For comparison, Terrell Owens and Torry Holt each converted less than 30% of their 40+ targets. Devery Henderson amazingly converted 11 first downs on 15 targets while averaging over 25 yards per reception. And here you can see which players got the most carries in blowout wins (in the second half when their team was up by at least 14); LeRon McClain, LenDale White, and Jonathan Stewart lead the way.

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