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07 Oct 2009

Should I dump J.Harrison, B.Edwards or A.Bryant?

Should I drop: J.Harrison, B.Edwards or A.Bryant for any of these FAs: Lee Evans, Felix Jones, Eddie Royal, Devery Henderson, Michael Jenkins, Michael Crabtree, Willie Parker, Larry Johnson or Jonathan Stewart (1pt for 20 yds rush, 10 yds rec)

I loved A.Bryant last year, but with Josh Johnson QBing, I'm not sure if he's worth much.

Also, Pick two for week 5: S.Jackson, J.Harrison, D.Bowe, A.Bryant.


Posted by: CheeseHead on 07 Oct 2009

1 reply , Last at 07 Oct 2009, 9:58pm by Zheng

Re: Should I dump J.Harrison, B.Edwards or A.Bryant?
by Zheng :: Wed, 10/07/2009 - 9:58pm

I might drop Bryant for FJones, but it's sort of a wash, depending on whether you need RB or WR depth.

J. Harrison, D. Bowe, S. Jackson, A. Bryant in that order. Buffalo's defense is mangled, Dallas' can be beaten through the air, Philly's defense is very good all around, and... Minnesota... you know, I changed my mind. Put SJax last.

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