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02 Oct 2012

Should I trade Eli?

I've got a great team with awful luck. I'm leading the scoring in my league by 50 over 2nd place but have run into 2 players who put up season high games against me. Frustrating, but it happens. Nevertheless, I'm facing a team in week 5 who could also pull off a major score and my only real weakness is my 2nd RB. I'm thinking about trading Eli or Ben for a top RB. My questions are should I consider offering the trade and if so who should I target?

Starting this week:
Manning, Eli
Rice, Ray
Stewart, Jonathan
Bowe, Dwayne
Harvin, Percy
White, Roddy
Miller, Heath

Roethlisberger, Ben
Brown, Andre
Rodgers, Jacquizz
Thomas, Pierre
Moore, Denarius
Pettigrew, Brandon

Something to consider the top 5 scoring RBs (minus Rice) in our PPR league :
The player with Arian Foster has Matt Schaub
The player with Jamal Charles has Aaron Rodgers
The player with Marshawn Lynch has Drew Brees
The player with Trent Richardson has Peyton Manning
The player with Jones-Drew has Romo
The player with Sproles has Stafford

Obviously the last two are most desperately looking for a QB.

Posted by: kenstall on 02 Oct 2012

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