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01 Dec 2009

Slaton, F. Jackson, Maroney?

I'm in a PPR (.5 per reception) with QB, WR1, and WR2 set (Brees, Wayne, Marshall).

My running backs are, shall we say, problematic.
Slaton v. Jac
F. Jackson v. NYJ
Maroney v. Mia

And then there's Reggie Bush, who might be inactive anyway.

I'm leaning toward Maroney and Jackson - Maroney because I like the matchup, Jackson because Buffalo seems to have realized that he's a bit of a monster - with Santonio Holmes as my flex rather than Slaton.

But playing Pats RBs drives me crazy, especially with Sammy Morris back (and playing his old team); and, Slaton always has good catch potential.


Posted by: patriotsgirl on 01 Dec 2009

1 reply , Last at 06 Dec 2009, 1:53pm by VaingloriousBasterd

Re: Slaton, F. Jackson, Maroney?
by VaingloriousBasterd :: Sun, 12/06/2009 - 1:53pm

F. Jackson and Maroney.

Slaton is out this week. If you need another RB, pick up Chris Brown (HOU).

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