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03 Dec 2009

Some Defense and RB starter help this week

Okay, if I win this week, I make the playoffs. If I lose, I'm out. The league is non-PPR.

For RBs, I've got Steven Jackson (Chi), Justin Forsett (SF), Jamaal Charles (Den), Steve Slaton (@Jac), Julius Jones (SF). Which two of those are best? I'm thinking Jackson and Forsett, though I'm a little worried about Jones being back.

For WRs, does DeSean Jackson's absence warrant playing Maclin (@Atl) instead of Colston (@Was) and Vincent Jackson (@Cle)?

For defense, my reasonable choices are Buffalo (NYJ), Jets (@Buf), Indy(Ten), or Seattle (SF). I'm highly tempted to pick up Buffalo or the Jets as both have a good matchup next week as well.

Also, my main QB is Roethlisberger. Which would be a better backup QB - Boller (@Chi, @Ten, Hou, @Ari) or Hasselbeck (SF, @Hou, TB, GB). Boller has better matchups, but Hasselbeck is the better QB.

Posted by: Red Hedgehog on 03 Dec 2009

1 reply , Last at 04 Dec 2009, 11:44pm by kaptrap19

Re: Some Defense and RB starter help this week
by kaptrap19 :: Fri, 12/04/2009 - 11:44pm

RBs: Jackson and Charles
WR: Colston and Jackson
QB: Hasselbeck

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