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15 Sep 2012

Sorting the WR chaff

So I thought I'd consult the wisdom of the crowds here. This is a specific sit/start question, but I see everyone asking about the same guys, so it may be a useful thread for discussion.

My team is solid at many positions, but, like many, I have unpredictable chaff at #2 WR and flex. Here are the guys that I have or could easily pick up:

Darius Heyward-Bey
Michael Crabtree
Brandon LaFell
Brandon Pettigrew (he's my backup TE but might work as a viable flex option)
Dexter McCluster (not on roster, but available)
Denarius Moore (not on roster, but available)

It's 0.5 PPR for WR/TE, and 0.25 PPR for RB. Interestingly, the system we use considers McCluster a RB, not a WR.

I can't make the call between keeping DHB and Moore long term. LaFell looks to have a lot of upside, but I'm worried about Newton's sophomore slump. Crabtree doesn't look in line for many TD but is probably reliable. And Pettigrew is good but is a TE so has limited upside.

Thoughts? I need to start two of these guys...

Posted by: MJK on 15 Sep 2012

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