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09 Dec 2010

Start Wayne AND Garcon?

I'm in the first round of the playoffs in a PPR league, with a standard lineup (one flex). I have both R Wayne and P Garcon, and I'm tempted to start them both, but I generally don't like to put all my fantasy eggs in one basket (the basket being the Colts' passing game this week). That said, I'm considering starting both Wayne and Garcon. Here's my lineup at the moment:

E Manning
A Foster
R Mendenhall
F Jackson
R Wayne
S Rice
T Gonzalez
M Bryant

The two spots I'm unsure about are my flex (F Jackson) and my WR2 (Rice). In addition to Garcon (who I could put either at flex or WR2), these are my other bench alternatives:

B Marshall
S Moss
M Tolbert

I've been going back and forth over F Jackson, M Tolbert, and Garcon at flex (or even starting Garcon at WR2 over Rice and leaving Jackson in at flex). Anybody out there have any thoughts?

Posted by: s.diesel on 09 Dec 2010

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