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22 Oct 2009

Starting Running Backs/ Quarterbacks

I have Cedric Benson at Chicago, Matt Forte at Cincinnati, and Pierre Thomas at Miami. I need to start two. 10 yards/point running/receiving, no PPR, 6 points all touchdowns no fumble penalty.

I also have Roethlisberger at Minnesota and Rivers at Kansas City. I'm planning on waiting until gametime to make that decision, probably playing Roethlisberger if Winfield doesn't play and Rivers if he does.

Posted by: Jovins on 22 Oct 2009

3 replies , Last at 24 Oct 2009, 4:08pm by galactic_dev

Re: Starting Running Backs/ Quarterbacks
by Zheng :: Thu, 10/22/2009 - 10:34pm

I'd go Benson and Forte. IIRC Miami's run D is really solid (and their pass D, like, isn't). I haven't been putting up with the Forte suckitude myself this season, but I note Cincy's D got hurt last week. Chicago has also suffered some key defensive injuries, and Benson seems annoyed with his former team. You could make a case for Thomas over Forte, though, given Forte's lack of production so far.

It doesn't look like Winfield will play. That said, you might also worry about Jared Allen a little; Max Starks isn't an elite LT. (Insert Ben-holds-the-ball-too-long debate here.) I view Ben as the higher-risk-higher-reward option compared to Rivers.

Re: Starting Running Backs/ Quarterbacks
by alien1rock :: Thu, 10/22/2009 - 11:39pm

I agree with Benson and Forte. At the very least, you know they are getting all the touches. Too many options in New Orleans, and Bell may be the goal line option.

I was going to say start Rivers over Big Ben and it isn't even that close. But then I looked at some stats and I don't know. It's basically a toss up. My gut still says Rivers though. Pittsburgh's OL has looked shaky all year and Minnesota will get to him.

Re: Starting Running Backs/ Quarterbacks
by galactic_dev :: Sat, 10/24/2009 - 4:08pm

Benson and Forte, and definitely Big Ben, who will get sacked several times but will still hurt the vikes D badly.

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