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07 Sep 2012

T. Rich or Pierre Thomas?

Yes, don't laugh.

Occasionally in fantasy, when in doubt, it seems like a reasonable idea to "go where the points are." Vegas lines this week:

Saints (-8.5) v. Redskins (+8.5), over/under 50.5
Eagles (-10.5) v. Browns (+10.5), over/under 43

If you could make the argument that the Saints and Eagles would each score ~4TD's, while the Redskins and Browns might only score ~2TD's, does it make sense to start Pierre Thomas over T. Rich?

In another league, I'm also mulling over D-Jax over T. Rich in the flex. Tell me this makes sense.

Posted by: Arjen.Robben on 07 Sep 2012

2 replies , Last at 11 Sep 2012, 11:13am by Arjen.Robben

Re: T. Rich or Pierre Thomas?
by J. Winn (not verified) :: Sat, 09/08/2012 - 2:43pm

It could make sense for this week. We don't know Trent's status exactly, so he may not see much action. Meanwhile, Sproles and Colston are both suffering from minor issues, so Thomas may see more action than usual.

Is it a head-to-head league? If you think you should win your match handily, I would start Thomas, so Richardson doesn't sink you. If you think it will be close or you're at a disadvantage, start Richardson and hope it pans out.

I would start Richardson over DJax as a flex, but I'm not a big DJax fan.

Re: T. Rich or Pierre Thomas?
by Arjen.Robben :: Tue, 09/11/2012 - 11:13am

Well, it ended up being about even. T-Rich ended up with 4.9 in my league and Pierre Thomas pulled in just 3.4.

Fingers crossed Richardson looks much better next week. For that matter, hoping the Browns offense looks better next week. At least they won't have to face the Eagles D all year.

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