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02 Nov 2011

Team Management

I'd love to get some opinions. I'm in a 12-team 1 ppr league and currently sitting in 5th place at 5-3. My team deserves to be more like 4-4 or at worst 3-5 honestly, but I'll take 5-3 happily. Below is my team, and my obvious and biggest concern at the moment is upgrading at tight end where I originally drafted Jared Cook (as per FO Kubiak prediction) and then quickly gave up on him and dropped him earlier this season. That leaves me with playing Visante Schiancoe on a weekly basis, who at least has been sorta respectable with Ponder at QB. Nevertheless, I'm looking to trade a RB or WR for an upgrade at TE. I'm thinking about trading Mendenhall, Manningham, or Antonio Brown, but I'm open to advice. Please let me know who you think I should trade, and what kinda TE I should expect in return:

QB - Romo
WR - Fitzgerald
WR - AJ Green
WR - Manningham
RB - Steven Jackson
RB - Mendenhall
Flex - Shonn Greene
TE - Sciancoe
Def - Jets
K - Kasey

BE - Tebow
BE - Antonio Brown
BE - Hardesty
BE - Bernard Scott
BE - Demariyus Thomas
BE - Cincinnati D


Posted by: dukesb1 on 02 Nov 2011

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Re: Team Management
by bird jam :: Mon, 11/07/2011 - 10:32am

Is this a PPR league? What's your scoring system? What kind of TEs do you think would be available?

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