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15 Sep 2009

Ted Ginn Jr for Julius Jones

His Ginn, my Jones.

PPR league with 1 point per 50 return yards, otherwise standard.

Kubiak says this trade comes out slightly in my favor although for some reason, it has Ginn with no return yards and the box score shows he did return last Sunday so he'll be worth even a little more. I'm quite happy to sell high on JJ, but I may be jumping to conclusions and thinking that Kubiak is underrating him. I'd appreciate some other thoughts on this.

Posted by: Red Hedgehog on 15 Sep 2009

1 reply , Last at 15 Sep 2009, 10:19pm by Maximum

Re: Ted Ginn Jr for Julius Jones
by Maximum :: Tue, 09/15/2009 - 10:19pm

it depends on what your rb and wr situations look like, if you need a wr id take it otherwise no, it seems like itll be roughly even so positional considerations seem like the most important thing

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